TriStar, Inc.

  • Inside Sales Manager at TriStar, Inc:   January 2016 – Present
    • Consistently exceed quotas by directly managing and influencing a team of eight with positive communication, advocating accountability, innovation in sales tactics, and mentoring on large deals with proven strategies.
    • Tasked with leading the SaaS transition, the SaaS sales ratio increased from 36% to 72% in one year.
    • Meet weekly with the business operations VP and managers to discuss issues and brainstorm systematic solutions.
    • Head the sales recruitment and onboarding program by coordinating events, scheduling interviews, drafting and executing new hire lesson plans, and developing new strategies for the program.
    • Build relationships with our corporate partner to ensure accurate forecasting and optimize administrative process.
    • Improved oversight and IP retention by leading the organizational adoption of Microsoft OneDrive.


    Senior Sales Representative at TriStar, Inc:   January 2015 – December 2015

    • With a focus on enterprise accounts, oversaw demos and assisted in closing the sales pipelines of a team of four.
    • Learned the value of mentorship through creating and executing sales and product enablement presentations.
    • Attended career fairs and conducted follow-up interviews to pitch company values to prospective recruits.


    Inside Sales Representative at TriStar, Inc:   March 2013 – December 2014

    • Managed existing accounts, prospected new client sales, and facilitated demos within medical device, industrial machinery, and aerospace industries that utilized computer-aided design, analysis, and manufacturing software.
    • Honed skills in technical communication by self-learning terminology and practices of engineering.
    • Obtained practical knowledge of time management, customer support, and negotiation through CRM utilization, cross-functional collaboration with TriStar engineers, and conference calls with clients at the Director level.
    • Tripled my first-year sales figures and set the company record for annual inside sales gross revenue at $311,000.